Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011

May 2011 be filled with Peace, Love, Health,and Prosperity for you and yours.


  1. Happy New Year to you and yours as well!

    At the start of this soon~to~be grand 2011, I resolve to replace resolutions with wishes:

    From across the pond, The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas (by John and Caitlin Matthews) arrived, red and green and gold foiled-wrapped inside a Christmas parcel to me from Gemmama (my grandmother who presently visits in the UK)! At midnight, as the clocks all at once sang their songs announcing a shiny-new year, the following wish-lovely spell from the book’s pages I did cast (and because the remains of this day yet belong to New Year's Day, I am certain time is plenty enough for you to likewise make a wish for 2010!):

    Fill a large shallow dish with raisins (preferably golden) and pour a few drizzles of brandy over them. Put out the lights then set torch to the "cheer." Whilst it is still "going," snatch one of the raisins from the flames. As you put the fevered fairy-fruit in your mouth, make a wish! It will be granted in the next twelve months, it is promised! (PLEASE TO NOTE: Remember the Law of Three: what you do will come back to you threefold, whether for good or ill, so never perform any spell to harm or control as it will ultimately not only hurt your “intended,” but also yourself.)

    Happy New Year and best wishes!
    Cellar Door

  2. Happy-happy New Year!! *woot-woot* bring it on!! :-)

  3. Happy New Year! thank you for visiting my blog!
    I love the image to the right, 3rd down... who is the artist? actually, love all the images on your blog, but that one in particular caught my eye!

    Cheers! Abi

  4. Happy New Year! May all your dreamie dreams come true, I enjoy your blog too!