Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little "twist" on an Easter chenille and scrap ornament

I love vintage chenille ornaments so I purchased some scrap bunny heads and thought I'd try my hand at making a few. I wanted them to be a bit different than what I've seen before so I got the idea to wind some eyelash yarn around thin chenille stems for his body. And let me say that, I LOVE the way it turned out! I finished the little guy with a glitter ribbon ruffle, and gave him a little glittered egg to hold. Well, he turned out better than I imagined and I think he's just so darn cute! Can't wait to make some more!


  1. I love this little guy! What a great bunny - he has personality. A little old - a little new. Very cool

  2. Sooo love this ornament. I'm a bunny person anyway. Need to make one of these where did you get the scrap? Leslie