Monday, March 7, 2011

When oh When will Winter be over?

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2 feet, that's what I got to wake up to this morning, 2 feet of fresh white snow. It did it's best to sparkle and gleam in the early dawn light and try to gain my affection, but I'm just done. Ok, I might have hesitated a bit during my shoveling and gazed at the beautiful colors and light bouncing off of each glittery flake, but once it was in the shovel the sheer weight of it was enough to break my trance. It is pretty, is. I'm just ready for Spring.


  1. I feel your pain! It's been a rough one here in New England...but then again, it usually is! ;) Wonder if there is a "spring dance" we could do??

  2. I'm doing a Spring dance,for what it's worth...more coming in Wednesday!But I know Spring is coming..I hope ! I hope!