Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love it when the "mailbox" is full!

So yesterday I got home way too late to go to the post office and wouldn’t you know, when I went to my mailbox, there was a little “you have a parcel to pick up” card nestled in between 5 or 6 bills. Of course I was disappointed I couldn’t go and retrieve the goodies at that very moment, but good things come to those who wait and today I was home in plenty of time to stop and claim my postal booty! Talk about Treasures!
First, I had ordered a little paper doll with attitude from Debra Schoch at I am sooooooo in love with my little "Miss OXOX". But look at all the other goodies Debra stuffed into the envelope along with her. I was blown away! Thank you Debra!
Next I opened items ordered from Etsy and Ebay. I have big plans for both of these treasures and will be sharing soon. Last but certainly not least, I received a sweet little box of treats from Sheryl Parsons at, as a prize for a contest she had. I’m just tickled! Mailbox goodies are just the best!


  1. There is nothing like postal goodies. Even when you ordered them and know they are coming. Once they get there is it like a birthday.


  2. It feels a bit like Christmas doesn't it?
    I like the paper doll very much.