Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow, Snow and more Snow

This was taken at about 3pm today...when all is said and done, we're suppose to get about 16 inches of snow total. It's so pretty. It's also very hard to "think Spring" while photographing this Winter Wonderland. (I love how the falling snowflakes in this photo seem to create a little "sparkle" in the eyes of my gargoyle). Just magical!


  1. It sure is a gorgeous photo, Mary Helen. It is hard to think spring with all this snow and (for us) nasty cold rain! We are supposed to get our own new fresh coating of snow tomorrow. Stay warm! Theresa

  2. It's magical until you have to shovel it...we got record breaking snow totals this year in Maryland so while I love to look at beautiful pics, I am looking forward to spring:)

  3. What a wonderful photo! How awesome you caught those two snowflakes perfectly in your gargoyle eyes!

    Here in northern Minnesota, we are down a little on our snowfall (not complaining though :0). Looking forward to Spring!

  4. Magical is the perfect word for this photo. So just think of this photo when you are shoveling.


  5. here in the northwest we have no snow in our neck of the woods---we had two skimpy snows between thanksgiving and christmas and nada since.
    BUT last year we were with you in record snow fall etc. Keep warm and remember 'this to shall pass'
    I keep looking for robins as spring flowers are already blooming